DSNF officially launched!

The DSNF was officially launched on 14th May 2018. The draft minutes of the first meeting are below. The adopted constitution and the draft application documents are here.


Drummond Street Neighbourhood Forum

14th May 2018 6 p.m. upstairs at Diwana, 121-3 Drummond Street

Minutes (draft 31st May 2018)






The meeting started at 6:10 p.m.

  1. Introduction and welcome
  2. Salique and John Myers (JM) welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained the goal to create a neighbourhood plan. JM explained that the plan would be subject to planning documents from the London Borough of Camden and to the HS2 Act. He explained that the neighbourhood plan might, for example, be able to influence the facades of the over-station development along Cobourg Street.

Adrian Betham (AB) noted that the Forum could decide to limit its Plan to only one or two policies if the Forum would like to get one adopted quickly.

  1. Adoption of Constitution

JM gave a brief summary of the draft constitution and proposed its adoption. The proposal was seconded by M. Salique. The constitution was unanimously adopted.

  1. Election of officers

JM invited nominations or volunteers for the post of Chair. There were none. He nominated M. Salique to be Chair, as a person well-known and popular among both the businesses and the residents. The proposal was seconded by AB. M. Salique was unanimously elected Chair.

  1. Salique nominated JM as Secretary. The proposal was seconded by AB. There were no other nominations. The proposal was carried unanimously.

JM invited nominations for Vice Chair. Terry Wright (TW) and Richard Copley said that they were concerned about having the time. In the absence of any other volunteers, JM nominated Richard Brace. The proposal was seconded by M. Salique. Richard Brace was unanimously elected as Vice Chair.

There were no nominations for Treasurer. JM noted that there were unlikely to be any funds in the short term and offered to invite Hodge Jones & Allen to see if it wished to nominate a Treasurer for approval by the other Officers if satisfactory. The proposal was seconded by M. Salique and approved unanimously.

  1. Approval of draft application documents

JM explained that the draft application documents had been adapted from another neighbourhood forum, with adjustments to take account of the special character of the Drummond Street area and of comments on an earlier draft by the London Borough of Camden. He proposed that the draft documents as circulated and placed on the website be approved. The motion was seconded by M. Salique and carried unanimously.

  1. Appointment of steering committee with authority to make further amendments to applications as required by London Borough of Camden.

JM proposed that a committee of the three elected Officers and any volunteers should have authority to make any necessary amendments to the application documents as required by the London Borough of Camden and to recirculate to the Forum for any comments before the final application is made. AB volunteered to join that committee. There were no other volunteers. The proposal was seconded by Malcolm Billings and carried unanimously.

  1. Resolution to make the applications

JM proposed that the Officers should have the authority to make the application on behalf of the Forum on the basis of the draft application documents, including any amendments if necessary. The proposal was seconded by TW. The motion was carried unanimously.

  1. AOB
  2. Salique informed everyone of the meeting with Keir Starmer on the evening of 21st June and said that it was important for everyone to come if possible.

JM noted the Open Evening to be held by HS2 in the evening of 23rd May.

Bartley Robins (BR) expressed concern about re-housing of people evicted due to compulsory purchase. JM agreed. Bartley expressed thanks to the Camden Civic Society, particularly Hero Granger-Taylor and Dorothea Hackman, for their hard work on his behalf.

JM and M. Salique thanked everyone for attending. There being no other business, the meeting was concluded at 6:45 p.m.


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